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Komatsu Distribution Warehouse Racking

As part of the construction of Komatsu’s largest distribution centre in Australia, the 17,500sqm warehouse was fitted with fully automated racking and picking system. The racking systems were installed by BHD Storage Solutions with STS Structural providing the design (including seismic analysis), certification, and site compliance assessments. The types of racking provided on this project were:

  • Pallet racking up to 10m high, up to a rated bay capacity of 52t, using twin, and quad beams as necessary.
  • Cantilever racking to 9.5m high
  • Automated mobile racking to 7m high, comprising of pallet racks set on tracks that were cast into the slab, to act as an automated compactus style high density storage solution.
    The main challenge overcome on this project was the earthquake actions, given the tall, slender, and heavily loaded nature of the racks. This combination pushed the racking well outside the standard scope of application. Unique and innovative design solutions were adopted, implementing custom stiffening and high capacity tie downs where necessary.

Location: Wacol, Qld
Racking Supplier: BHD Storage Solutions

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